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Molded Urethane

Molded Urethane Timing Belts

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Voss Belting & Specialty Company offers precision molded timing belt designs with unique fully integrated shapes and profiles in a non-laminated, seamless construction. Voss can mold, weld, slit, and fabricate timing belts for precision and quality. The following molded urethane timing belt styles and solutions are available:

  • Molded Profiles & Shapes
  • Dual Durometer Constructions
  • High Temperature Silicone
  • FDA / USDA / 3-A Dairy
  • Non-Marking
  • Chemical and Ozone Resistant
  • Color Coding
  • Assorted Urethane Durometers from 30 – 90 Shore A
  • Various cord reinforcements for strength and flexibility
  • Custom Design and Tooling
  • Custom Fabrication (perforations, tracking channels, vacuum slots)
  • Static-Conductive
  • Tolerance Grinding for Slots, Channels, Grooves, and Cover Texture
  • Non-Marking


*Most items are available in standard inch and metric pitches, trapezoidal and curvilinear tooth designs.

  • .080
  • .0816
  • XL
  • L
  • H
  • XH
  • T5
  • T10
  • T20
  • AT5
  • AT10
  • 3M
  • 5M
  • 8M
  • 14M


…or let Voss help customize a special pitch, urethane compound, or design for your application. All above styles also available in Molded Silicone Rubber.

Applications: Vertical Form/Fill (Pull Down Belts), Meat and Cheese Processing, Automated Picking Systems/Ejector Belts, Business Equipment, ATM and Currency Handling Equipment, Product Indexing, Package Handling

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